Official CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM Now Seeding for the HTC One X

The HTC One X is now amongst the list of the lucky fleet of droids out there which have been shortlisted to receive some official CM10.1 support. Although the HTC One X has been amongst the top ranked droids in terms of the amount of development it has received from developers across the globe, an official support call from the guys who are the best in the business adds more to it’s prestigious run and let me tell you,  it does matters to those who have fallen in love with the world’s first quad core phone that they own.


[box_light]Before you proceed with the installation, we recommend you to backup all data on your phone. To make backups easily, you can read our complete backup guide. If you do not have device drivers installed, you can download them here. We are not responsible for any damage your device might face with this guide – the chances in this case are very less though.[/box_light]

How to Install CM10.1 Jelly Bean ROM on your HTC One X

You can download the file from here and meanwhile, you can connect your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable so as to copy the downloaded flashable zip file to your internal sdcard which is the /sdcard/ folder. Done with that, disconnect your device from the PC, turn it off and boot it device into the Recovery mode. Before you proceed, please make sure to have made a nandroid backup in the recovery mode so that you can revert back to your previous ROM if you wish to. Now wipe all previous data/Do a factory reset and then select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to the internal sd card and flash the zip file you downloaded above. Now flash the Gapps file in a similar fashion. Done with that, go back and select “Reboot system now”.

If you have followed each and every step stated above, you can now sit back and relax as you just seem to be all set to enjoy the latest of Android on your phone but be a bit patient as the first boot may take a bit longer than usual and in some cases, a bit too long. After your device boots successfully, configure it as per your info to get started with Android 4.2.2 in your hands!

For further on this, you can head over to the original thread and also support the developer’s community by reporting bugs. For any queries/suggestions, you can have a talk with us in the comments section or on our facebook page too!