You May Not Be Able to Opt Out Of CM Stats Anymore

When you install a CyanogenMod ROM or a CM based ROM, the firs thing you see is that CyanogenMod Stastics have been enabled. This is because the CyanogenMod team has enabled it by default except for the MIUI ROMs where a user may opt in if they wish to. This won’t be the case anymore because starting today, all official CyanogenMod ROMs and CM based ROMs will not have the option for you to opt out of CyanogenMod Stats.

Enabling CyanogenMod Stats lets you send your device information to the CyanogenMod team which they analyse to offer better support to specific devices. The data sent to the CM team via CM Stats is:

  • Anonymized/Hashed IMEI or Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Device name
  • CM Version
  • Country
  • Carrier

Transfer of the aforementioned data may not reveal your identity to the CM team in any way, The only way someone can trace you is using your IP address which is already hidden by your carrier. Also, CyanogenMod team will not bomb you with advertisements and spoil your user experience with the best custom ROM for Android.

While this data is also collected by Android apps, the CyanogenMod team did not enforce it until today when Koush posted this announcement on Google+

Last night, we merged a change into CM Stats that removes the opt out:

As we start growing as an organization, this sort of data becomes invaluable for CyanogenMod. Understanding our user base, their devices, CM version, and other data helps us build a better product.

The data collected is the following:
* Anonymized/Hashed IMEI or Wi-Fi MAC address
* Device name
* CM Version
* Country
* Carrier

This type of anonymous data is already collected by most Google Play apps[1] and even Google themselves.

For an idea of the type of data we get, the pictures attached are what we see on our end.

[1] Basically every professional app out there is running Google Analytics, mine included. Google Play also collects a lot of this data for you automatically.

CM Stats Analytics

Not april fools.

via +Koushik Dutta