Top Trending Apps of 2016 on Google Play Store

As the year draws to a close, Google announces Google Play’s most trending and most popular apps, which have been the trendsetters for the year. The apps with the most user-engagement, impact are traditionally drawn out every year by Google. These are 2016’s Top Trending Apps on the Google Play Store. 1. Face Changer 2 […]

Moto Z lineup gets Android 7.0 Nougat Update

The Moto Z lineup got off to a rocky start with the original Moto Z lacking a 3.5mm port. Motorola also explicitly announced that they would be discontinuing regular security updates, which added to the worries. Motorola has recently pushed out the Nougat (7.0) OTA for the Moto Z, Force Z, Z Droid and Z […]