Most Popular Android Devices in the Developing World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who doesn’t know that the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2, Xperia Z, HTC One and LG G2 are the best Android devices in the world? We all do, but we are also aware that the statistics include only the developed nations. Coming down to the developing nations, the scene is quite different. Being an Indian, I hardly get to see the aforementioned devices in people’s hands. Oh yes, I do see a Samsung Galaxy Y or the Micromax Canvas 2 more often in my country. So what devices are popular in developing countries and which version of Android is being used by most of the citizens of that country? An answer to this can be seen in the Infographic below published by Handset Detection who also published an infographic of the top 10 Android devices in the world earlier.

Do not forget to check out the interesting facts at the end of the infographic. (Click to enlarge)

Android Use in Developing World