How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Devices

We live in an amazing time. We are able to document and track our lives like never before because of our mobile devices. From photos of our friends and family to our daily schedule, we use our smart phones and other mobile devices for all of the data that is important to us. 

What happens then, when that data gets corrupted or deleted? Is there any way to salvage it? How can we take or lives back from android devices once they become damaged? We can’t just call your typical data recovery company like you can for server data recovery by Secure Data Recovery

So, what are our options? Let’s find out:

Why do They Fail?

These days, many people find that their android devices fail and because of this, they can lose data. There are a number of reasons that they can fail. One of them is when you try to upgrade the device to the latest version of the operating system. These updates can cause all of your personal info to be lost and you will need to enter everything back into the device by hand. This can take hours and if you don’t have a hard copy of all of your phone lists and contacts, you can lose that information. 

All of these issues can be alleviated if you back up all of your information before you upgrade the OS.

You can also lose your data by accidentally deleting it. You might mean to delete one thing and delete something else by mistake. This is probably the most common way that data gets lost on android devices. 

Some people try to jailbreak their phones. They do this to either go to another carrier or to unlock various features. One side effect of this though is the loss of data.

One other common cause of data loss that might be a bit surprising is replacing the battery. You might not think that you could lose your data by doing such a simple thing, but it happens more often than you might think.

Data Recovery and Android Devices

Most of the tools that are able to recover data from an SD card like those that are used with Android devices will work better in Windows than they will with the device itself. Recovering files from SD cards is a process that is both easy and safe. Neither Windows nor Android will permanently delete the content on the memory card even when you utilize the “erase” command. So, what use is that command you may ask? The device will start the file system by getting rid of all of the records that point to the files that are stored on the card. That being said, the contents of those files will remain intact and if you act quickly, they can still be fully recovered.

Recovering Files from the SD Cards

Here is a quick look at how to undelete files or to recover data from a memory card using a mobile device.

  • First, you will want to stop using that particular SD card in your device. Any operation that will write new data to that card will decrease your chances of recovering your data because it might be overwritten. The sooner you cease using that card, the better your chances are of recovering all of your lost information.
  • Shut the device down and take the card out. If you can’t do this immediately, unmount it from the device’s configuration. In Android, you will hit Settings, then Storage, SD Card, Unmount SD Card.
  • Insert the SD card into an SD card reader that is connected to a computer. You might need to use an adapter in order for it to fit.
  • Download and then install and run one of the various data recovery tools that can handle FAT systems.
  • Use the tool to scan the SD card and recover the files. If your SD card was formatted by the device it was used in, you might need to run the scan in one of the comprehensive modes so that it will be able to locate any files.

Hopefully, that will let you know what your options are when you lose data in one of your Android devices. Just remember that it is not the end of the world and to stop using it right away so that you don’t accidentally write over the information you lost.