Remotely Control Your Android Device via SMS Using aeGis

There are quite a lot of security applications on the Google Play Store from notable companies like Norton, Lookout and AVG etcetera. There is one more app that joins the race – aeGis. The way this app differs from aforementioned apps is that it does not include a virus scanner. While I had been using Norton Antivirus app just for the security of my device, I rarely paid any attention to its antiviral capabilities and neither would most of you do. When it comes to security, aeGis does the job pretty well though there are a few reasons why apps like Norton and Lookout are still preferable which will be discussed at the end of this post.

aeGis has been developed to control your Android device via SMS. In case you lose your phone, you can lock the device via SMS and also do various other operations by just sending an SMS.

With aeGis installed on your phone, you can do the following:

  • Remotely lock your device via SMS – The default passphrase to lock your device is aeGis lock.
  • Remotely enable sound on your device via SMS
  • Rremotely locate your device via SMS
  • Rremotely wipe your device via SMS
  • Lock application with a password

aeGis  aeGis lock

The Drawbacks

The first function just locks your phone, however this can be bypassed by a hard reset via the recovery menu. If the unauthorized person knows how to execute ADB commands well, he can unlock your device without rooting it though it requires USB Debugging enabled already so that the ADB server running on your PC can communicate with the client (your device).

Enabling sound is a handy feature and can be used even when you have kept the phone somewhere and later don’t find it. It’s useful only when your phone’s speaker can make sounds of high magnitude and if the device is in your vicinity.

To remotely locate your device, make sure you have enabled Google’s location service in Settings. Though it doesn’t locate your device accurately, you can still locate your phone with some help. It would be great if the app could turn on GPS for accurate location of the device.

The last two features don’t really have any drawback and are self explanatory.

Yet another drawback is that if the SIM of your device has been changed, all of the features mentioned above will be of no use.

Hopefully, this app will be updated in future fixing all issues. You can all the improvements that have been made to the app y vising the link given below.

Download aeGis from Google Play Store

via XDA-Developers

  • MaNu

    for all tha above brawbacks u should use the following apps :

    first( use NQ mobile security) which has anti theft option which will send msg to the reporting number evn if the sim is changed with out reporting the thief

    secondly(use the abve app Aegis )

    tats it …u have made ur mobile thief proof even is the burglar changes the sim u can find ot in which sim the mobile is currently being used:) which maks all the drawback to advantage

    enjoy 🙂