Remotely Manage your Android Device Using is yet another great Android app that has popped into the Google Play Store. When it comes to managing your Android device remotely, the first name that may come to your mind is AirDroid – a great app to browse through files on your phone, send and receive SMS, view photos, videos, manage clipboard data and much more. While AirDroid has some great features, does something similar with some extra features and a spy camera which AirDroid doesn’t offer. We aren’t promoting any of these apps but they stand good for their respective features. is a remote Android management and control suite for Android devices that offers you features like managing threads, contacts and pictures via the native website. It also lets you locate your Android device and turn on the spy camera using the website. All of these features are explained briefly past the break.

To begin with, you first need to install this app on your Android device from the link at the end of this post. You can click on “Connect” button and use any service like Facebook or Google to connect. The same service can be used on the native website to manage your phone.

After this has been done, head over to on your browser. Sign in with the same service that you used in the app on your phone. After this, your device name will be shown to you and you can click on it to access the control panel.

Manage Messages in Browser

The first tab lets you access your message thread on the browser. You can view those threads and chat with your friends right from your browser or add a new number from the option at the bottom to send a message. Comparing this feature with AirDroid, I would recommend because there is no lag in sending an SMS or viewing a thread. AirDroid seemed to lag sometimes though both my PC and Android device were on the same WiFi network.

Manage Android contacts in browser

The next tab lets you access contacts on your Android phone. You can view contact details on the right and the list on the left of your screen. You can also edit these details and the changes will reflect on your phone. Adding and deleting contacts is also pretty easy but it does not let you select multiple contacts at a time, something which AirDroid does.

Locate Android device

Locating your Android device remotely is perhaps the best feature of When you click on locate, the site shows you the location of your device on Google maps. Before you do this, make sure you have checked the option “Use Wireless networks” in Location and Security settings. If not, this feature will not work for you. You can also make an alarm sound on your device if you feel it is in your vicinity though this feature didn’t work for me.

Spy Camera Android

The Spy Camera feature is yet another great feature from It lets you turn on the camera on your phone automatically and view whatever lies in front of it in the website. When you activate the feature form the website, it lets you see using the camera as an eye. You can capture the image and save it to your computer. This is useful if your phone is stolen. You can use the captured images to trace the culprit.

This ends the features that has to offer you. I have been using this app from the past one week and it seems to help me a lot while I am on the PC. What are your views about

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