How to Remove Google Completely from CyanogenMod 10+ ROMs

Google’s services are tied deep into Android and that is why Google knows almost everything about you including your location, your communication with others, your email (being an Android user, you must be using Gmail) and much more. The list is too long for me to detail in this post but all I can say is that your activities are logged behind a closed system you have no access to. If you want to get rid of Google’s services, you may probably root the phone and uninstall Google’s apps but a much easier method is to install a CyanogenMod ROM without flashing gapps. Many of you might assume that by doing this you would have a Google-free device but after CyanogenMod 10, this is no longer true.

CyanogenMod is an open source ROM developed by a community who posts all of their source codes on their Github account. However, not every part of CyanogenMod is open source. With CyanogenMod 10, the CM team has integrated Google Analytics Client library within the settings app in CM stats. With this, it is also impossible to opt out of CM Stats. This library is used by the CyanogenMod team to trace how their ROM performs on your device. With CyanogenMod 10.1, the team had introduced CyanogenMod account which relies heavily on Google’s Cloud Messaging service and includes the proprietary Google Play Services Client library (google-play-services.jar).

That said, CyanogenMod does not provide you a Google-free ROM. You can either install AOSP or remove Google from your CyanogenMod ROM if you wish to keep it. XDA senior member MaR-V-iN has created a script called as freecyngn which removes Google’s proprietary services from CyanogenMod. According to the developer:

freecyngn is a tool you can run from recovery, that removes some known proprietary things (or apps relying on proprietary extensions) from CyanogenMod. At the moment this is Google Analytics (from CMStats), CMAccount and Voice+.

The installation is simple – you can flash the zip file from recovery mode. Download the script from the original thread. You can also read how to remove Google contact sync and Google Play Store from any Android device.

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