Root Achieved on Sony Xperia Z Ahead of Global Launch

The Sony Xperia Z that just hit the stores in France yesterday has been rooted by XDA recognized developer DooMLord. The Sony Xperia Z, a powerful smartphone and Sony’s latest flagship is capable of taking 999 pictures in 68 seconds and it would be really amazing to see how you can take the complete control of the OS while the device is already so powerful. Regarding the root access achieved by DooMLord, he says:

[quote]So once the bootloader is unlocked its generally very easy to root but there were numerous issues where rooting wasn’t working even using insecure kernel

so I used the ramdisk of CF-Auto-Root for the Nexus 4, modified it a bit for working on the Xperia Z and thats it… Root achieved!

I dont not have this device… all of the testing was done remotely (using teamviewer)… many thanks to the user who willing helped out with the testing![/quote]

Root Sony Xperia Z

With this post, we’ll show you how you can gain root access on your Sony Xperia Z smartphone, thanks to DooMLord.

[box_light]Please note that this process voids the warranty of your device. We recommend you to backup everything on your device using our backup guide. Please do not comment below blaming us for any loss of data. We are also not responsible for any bricked devices. You do this because you want to do it, not because we are telling you. Since this process requires communication between the device and PC, you need to have the necessary drivers installed.[/box_light]

Your firmware version should be 10.1.A.1.350 and this method has been tested on C6603 and C6602. The bootloader must be unlocked. You can unlock it from here.

Steps to Root Sony Xperia Z

  1. Download Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img and Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img
    from the original thread.
  2. Connect your device to PC via USB cable and make sure USB Debbugging is enabled.
  3. You need to have ADB files on your PC to run ADB commands. Read more about this.
  4. Make sure you place the two files you downloaded in Step 1 in the folder where you have the ADB files.
  5. Boot your device into bootloader either by button combinations or by issuing the command:
    ab reboot bootloader
  6. To Flash the CF-Auto-Root kernel, issue the command:
    fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img
  7. Reboot using the command:
    fastboot reboot
  8. When the device reboots, you will get an indication on screen that says  Device will reboot in 10 seconds.
  9. After the device is rebooted, removed USB cable and do a hard power off (press power button and keep VOLUME UP key pressed for 15 seconds).
  10. Connect the device to PC in fastboot mode. While the device is turned off, press and hold Volume Up button and connect it to PC via USB Cable. You should see Blue LED.
  11. Issue this command when device is in fastboot mode:
    fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img
  12. Reboot using fastboot reboot command.

Your Xperia Z is now rooted.