Root & Custom Recovery for KDDI HTC J Butterfly

We are on our way to hacking the HTC Butterfly that is currently available only in Japan and is offered by KDDI. In our previous post about this device, we showed you how to unlock the bootloader of this device which is required to install a custom recovery and hence gain root access.  At the time of writing, there is no other way to root the device. After you unlock the bootloader, you can also flash custom kernels and ROMs via the recovery you install using this tutorial. Rooting will give you several advantages. To know more about it, read our noob’s guide on Android hacking.

HTC J Butterfly

The warranty of your device is already void since you unlocked the bootloader using our previous tutorial.

[box_light]Please note that this process voids the warranty of your device. We recommend you to backup everything on your device using our backup guide. Please do not comment below blaming us for any loss of data. We are also not responsible for any bricked devices. You do this because you want to do it, not because we are telling you. Since this process requires communication between the device and PC, you need to have the necessary drivers installed.[/box_light]

Steps to Root HTC J Butterfly

  1. Download drewx2’s twrp-htc-dlxj.img and
  2. You now need to flash the .img file to your phone using some ADB commands. To issue ADB and Fastboot commands, you need to have ADB files on your PC. Get them here.
  3. Place the img file in the folder where you have the ADB files.
  4. Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable and make sure USB Debugging is checked.
  5. Open command prompt in the same folder and issue the command:
    adb reboot bootloader
  6. Your phone will not boot into bootloader mode. To flash the image, enter the command:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-htc-dlxj.img
  7. Enter the command fastboot reboot to reboot your phone. To enter into recovery mode, enter the command adb reboot recovery.
  8. You can change the theme of the recovery mode using this guide.
  9. To root your device, place the zip file you downloaded in Step 1 in your SD card and boot into recovery mode.
  10. Select “Install zip from SD card”>”Choose zip from SD card” and select the zip file.
  11. Go back and select “Reboot system now”.

Your phone must now be rooted. If you face any issues, you can refer the original thread.