Root HTC Incredible S & Get S-OFF

HTC Incredible is yet another quite popular smartphone. The reason I sometimes don’t feel like buying HTC devices is because they come S-ON. If you are new to this, I’ll help you understand the S-factor. S-ON means that the NAND portion of the device is locked and can not be written to. This means that some system files of your device are not accessible and hence can not be modified. This sometimes makes it difficult for a hacker to get permanent root access. You can gain temporary root access but once you reboot your device, the root access is gone. When you have S-OFF, you can access all of the system files and hence getting permanent root access becomes easy.

To check if your device is S-On or S-Off, just boot into HBOOT and check the first line on the top of the screen.


Rooting your device will void the warranty but again you have a lot of advantages of rooting. You can easily backup all apps on your device along with their data using Titanium Backup which is not possible on unrooted phones. If you have an unrooted phone, you can only backup the APK files. Another advantage of rooting is that you can automates tasks on your Android device using Tasker app. If you use your phone a lot, you may run out of battery very soon. Hence it is essential to save battery by killing background applications which are of no use. This will also optimize RAM on your device and hence make it faster. For this purpose, you can use Juice Defender app.

There are many such applications which can be used to simplify a lot of tasks on your Android phone but all these apps require root access.

If you wish to root HTC Incredible S and get S-OFF on your phone, head over to the original thread on XDA forums to view the instructions and download the necessary files.