Root Vodafone Smart Tab ZTE V11A

When you have an Android device you would obviously like to root it and hence you would also wish to root Vodafone Smart Tab ZTE V11a. This tutorial will let you root Vodafone Smart Tab 10 & 7. After rooting you can easily uninstall system apps which you do not need and hence free up some internal space. You can also use apps like Juice Defender to save battery when your tab is not in use.

Make sure you have proper backup though rooting might not harm any of your data present in the device.

The method we use here will be the Superboot method which will require Android SDK and JDK installed.

root vodafone smart tab 10 & 7


  • Backup all your applications using ASTRO File Manager.
  • Back up all contacts to SD Card.
  • Backup SMS on Android.
  • Backup Call log on Android.
  • Disable Anti virus and other security apps
  • Enable USB Debugging by Settings>Applications>Development and ensure that USB Debugging is checked.
  • You must have Android SDK installed along with platform tools which can be downloaded from the SDK Manager. [Download]
  • Make sure you have ZTE Drivers installed. [Download]

Disclaimer: HackMyAndroid is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. Also note that rooting the device will void its warranty.

Steps to Root Vodafone Smart Tab

  1. Download Fastboot+Superboot.img from here.
  2. When you install Android SDK, you would get a folder called android-sdk (or) android-sdk-windows. If you are on Windows XP, you would have a platform tools folder in this location by default :
    C:\Program Files \Android \android-sdk\

    If you are using Windows 7, you would have the platform tools folder here

    C: \android-sdk-windows\
  3. Copy the two downloaded files in the platform tools folder. Note that the platform tools folder must have the file “adb.exe” within it.
  4. Shift+ Right click on the Platform tools folder and select “Start Command Prompt here”. Optionally, open the command prompt and type cd [path to platform tools folder]
  5. Connect your device to the Computer using USB Cable and having USB Debugging enabled as mentioned above.
  6. Enter the following commands in Command Prompt:
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot boot superboot.img
  7. Your device will reboot with Superuser.apk installed. Now enter the following commands:
    adb remount
    adb shell
    ln -s /system/xbin/su /system/bin/su
  8. Now you can exit ADB shell by typing the command “exit” and then type “adb reboot” to reboot your device.

In this way you can easily root Vodafone Smart Tab. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below or refer the original development thread.

  • human1101

    Hi, i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for updating the OS to jellybean on the v11a 

  • Moltishia

     the device (smart tab) wont start at all after first steps. what to do?

    • Reflash the ROM, wipe everything

      • Myanthis

        Can you advise me how to reflash my Vodafone smarttab 10? Have no clue what to do?

  • Waldobrits

     what do you mean by Re flash….?
    What will be the procedure?
    Remember not every on here is IT or Coding Masters…
    Please do Reply 

    • You need to boot into recovery mode and wipe cache, data and dalvik cache!

  • chris

    thx for the tutorial! Smart Tab has now root

  • Peter Parker


    Thanks for posting.

    However, after I adb reboot bootloader, the tab reboots to a blank screen, and fastboot does not find it.

    If I reboot, holding the power, and the volume down buttons, I still cannot connect with fastboot (it gives me a if I try fastboot reboot superboot.img.

    I suspect that fastboot is disabled.

    I even tried a different fastboot.exe (the one that came with the fastbboot+superboot.img.rar), as I have the adb installed, but the result is the same.

    Just so you know, its a vodafone smart tab 10 with honeycomb 3.21 and its not rooted (that’s what I am trying to achieve), so reflash or wipe are not options.

    If you can help it would be appreciated

  • Jake Ballbag Bradley

    I need to hack my smart tab iii 7′ to be able to call as well! Need help! I’m clueless with tablets

  • Brat Lemi

    Hi. i bought this tab (10″) yesterday. installef 3 games, few apps. while carrying it today it vibrated. Gues it shut down for some reason. Now it won’t turn on, won’t charge, PC doesn’t see it when i plug in USB… Any ideas?