Root Your Sony Xperia Sola Today

Back again with one of the most sizzling yet robust member of the 2012 Xperia NXT line-up we have the Xperia Sola rooting tutorial to help you get the most out of it as the first step towards it’s development chain. Let me first give some info on the new customer up here, meet the Xperia Sola, another Xperia phone priced just above the Xperia U featuring the same chipset along with goodies like a memory expansion slot and a bigger screen of the natvie resolution ( But sorry you will be missing out on the Xperia exclusive transparent band ). Apart from all these features resembling the patronage that the Xperias offer considering their chipset, this is a special one. It features a first in the block, floating touch technology which makes the phone respond to you finger hovering over the screen. It isn’t like that it works with only the browser but indeed is a global input source e.g. you can get some smoke following your gestures on the cosmic live wallpaper( cool eh? ).

Let’s get back to our head of the discussion, as we move to the action part. Much like the Xperia U Xperia Sola also lies in the same block with no Custom recoveries, thus, it’s the traditional way we are going to adopt which means, you must be having some experience with the fastboot method (don’t worry if you aren’t, we are here for that only).Once the bootloader is unlocked, it’s a matter of installing DooMLoRD’s kernel to obtain full root and install BusyBox. The phone hasn’t received any Custom recoveries but that’s okay considering it’s age in the lot, that’s why we are going to hit the fast boot method.

Disclaimer: Hack My Android is not responsible for any damage that your device may face during this process. The developer is also not responsible for the same. There are little chances that your device may face any issue. However, try this at your own risk. This process voids the warranty of your device.

Pre-Rooting Requirements:

  • You must have android-SDK installed with all the generic addons.
  • You should be having some experience in using the command-prompt.
  • Back up all apps using ASTRO File Manager. You can get the APK files using ASTRO and later restore it. Rooted users can use Titanium Backup which also backs up data along with the apps.
  • Back up all contacts to SD card.
  • Backup SMS on Android.
  • Backup call log on Android.
  • Have minimum 60% charge on your phone else you might get stuck while the update process is running on your device.
  • Remove any security or Anti-virus app if you have them installed.
  • Enable USB Debugging. This can be don by Settings>Applications>Development and making sure that USB Debugging is checked.

Steps to Root Xperia Sola:

Download the stock rooted kernel. Once you are done with installing the android SDK and downloading the kernel on your system, place it in the directory :

program files/Android/android-sdk/platform-tools/

If you’re done with that,

  • Turn off your device.
  • Start the device in fastboot mode by pressing Volume up button and connecting it to the PC via USB Cable simultaneously.
  • To check that you have the device drivers installed, type “adb devices” in command prompt and you should see the serial number of the phone connected.
  • Using Command prompt, cd to the platform tools folder. You can find the platform-tools folder in the location where you have installed the Android SDK.

Now all left to be done is using the following command to be entered in the Command Prompt to flash the kernel to your phone:

fastboot flash boot kernel.elf

To reboot your phone, you can enter the command “adb reboot” and your device will reboot.

Holla, that’s it. You can try your phone with some contrastingly varying performance and I bet it’ll keep you demanding for more. Don’t worry, we are here for the cause ;).

Any suggestions? queries? don’t forget to leave your words in the comments sections. 🙂