Root Your Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 by Just a Click

The Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 is selling like hot cakes in the subcontinent as its really turning out to be the ace of spades for the subcontinental firm! The Robust $200 phablet is next to something amazing while the only reason the geek won’t buy it would be the development department where it does falls short of those highly backed up multinational performers. But wait a minute, there are a few geeks at the XDA who have gone with the Superfone and they are already at it!

The Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2

The Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2

True indeed, the Rooting tutorial for the device is up now and it follows the “Runme.bat” method which is one of the simplest possible ways to get your phone rooted. Rooting is the process of getting access to the root folder of your device in addition to which you get the access to many incredible apps which help you get a track of your phone using root permissions. Rooting is a zero harm process as far as the hardware is taken into consideration while it does VOIDS THE WARRANTY of your device.

Pre-Installation Tasks:

  1. Back up all apps using ASTRO File Manager. You can get the APK files using ASTRO and later restore it. Rooted users can use Titanium Backup which also backs up data along with the apps.
  2. Back up all contacts to SD card.
  3. Backup SMS on Android.
  4. Backup call log on Android.
  5. Have minimum 60% charge on your phone else you might get stuck while the update process is running on your device.
  6. Remove any security or Anti-virus app if you have them installed.
  7. Enable USB Debugging. This can be don by Settings>Applications>Development and making sure that USB Debugging is checked.
  8. Make sure your phone is not locked to any network!

Disclaimer: Hack My Android is not responsible for any damage that your device may face during this process. The developer is also not responsible for the same. There are little chances that your device may face any issue. However, try this at your own risk. This process voids the warranty of your device.

Steps to Root Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas2:

  1. Download and extract this file.
  2. Connect your phone to the system with the help of the supplied USB cable.
  3. RUN the “RunMe.bat” file (from the zip downloaded above).
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Wait for a few minutes for the phone to restart(it may restart a couple of times) and the application to push the root inside the ICS( to be very technical on this, the zip file will anyway contain adb.exe which will start the adb server on your pc).

Well done! you’re almost home. If you have followed this tutorial by the steps, your phone is now rooted which means now you have the access to the root of your Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 and do check for the Superuser app in your apps list to verify.

Please make a note that rooting your phone will void your phone’s warranty so please be careful and proceed at your own risk.

If you faced any problems during the process or have any queries/suggestions to be made, you can leave us a word in the comments section, We’ll be happy to be at your aid!

  • Vijay

    Dear Goutam, Thanks for the info. Iam vijay from Chennai. I rooted my a110 with the same process. I checked the root status using a root checker app. It says the phone is rooted but super user not found. Also when i try to unroot, it it shows a few errors and does not unroot. Could you please help me with this ?

  • Vijay

    Dear Goutam, One more query on A110..most of the phone book takes a lot of time to refresh and load..that is it takes some time to laod the details when i toggle between received, dialled and missed calls..also the contacts take time to load..could you give me the reason / sugggest a solution.