Root your Verizon LG Spectrum 2 with this Quick Guide

The Dual core Krait boasting Verizon LG Spectrum II has been in for quite a while now and if you own one, you just seem to be at the right place to get started with getting the most out of the potential your phone possesses. The first step to get into some flashy firmware action with your phone is to begin with rooting it.

Rooting your phone gives you access to the root directory of your phone’s memory where all the firmware and system files are located. Rooting is a totally harmful process as far as the hardware is considered while it can lead to you loosing out on your phone’s warranty straight away.  But as I’ve said it many a times, the risk not taken is a risk not paid! So, let’s start with the disclaimer part and then see whether we can get the LG Spectrum II rooted or not!

[box_light]Before you proceed with the installation, we recommend you to backup all data on your phone. To make backups easily, you can read our complete backup guide. If you do not have device drivers installed, you can download them here. We are not responsible for any damage your device might face with this guide – the chances in this case are very less though.[/box_light]

How to Root your Verizon LG Spectrum 2?

You should start by downloading the zip file from here and extracting it to a fresh folder onto your PC’s hard drive. Now before you proceed, make sure to have LG USB Drivers installed on your system and check whether you have enabled USB Debugging on your phone. Now set the USB connectivity to Internet Connection mode and connect your phone to the PC via the supplied USB cable. Now as soon as the windows manager gets done with installing the device, navigate to the folder where you had extracted the downloaded files earlier and select the window-install.bat file. Now hit the return key, sit back and relax. You’re done!

If your phone rebooted successfully, check for the superuser icon in your phone’s app drawer or try the Root checker app from Play Store.

Now as your phone is rooted now, you can access your phone’s root folder. Stay tuned as we seek to provide further tutorials as it has just got started for the owners of the LG Spectrum 2.