Rumor: Sony Yuga May Hit the Shelves as Xperia Z

The Sony Yuga has been making quite a news ever since it got sighted in the rumorland, but now we are getting some more info about the much awaited device from the Japanese which are blistering enough to blow all the current competition straight out of water both in terms of usability standards as well as the Utility factor. The alleged specifications of the device have yet seen any sort of refresh as they remain almost the same, what’s more interesting is the fact that besides the IP57 certification for the handset, which means it’ll be dust and spill proof, the device will be one of the slimmest ones around with the waistline measuring in at a sleek 7.9mm of width.

Although we all are aware of the fact that the alleged flagship will be amongst the next-gen 1080p breed of smartphone warheads, there seems to be a slight addition to the details over there, the Xperia  Z or Sony Yuga, whichever way you call it, will be boasting 5inches of FullHD display estate which will ve using  Sony’s OptiContrast technology which we have seen to be employed in the Xperia V and Xperia Tablet S and most of Sony’s televisions which helps in reducing the Glare by a huge margin.

Sony’s OptiContrast technology

So that’s the amount of munch we could bring to you at this moment of time while we will be waiting for some sort of official statement from Sony on the device but we surely can’t expect it to hit the scene anywhere before Q1 2013 and we definitely mean the CES. The phone could just turn out to be the ace of spades as no other offering has got so much to deliver meanwhile taking good care of the ergonomics as well a the aesthetics under some certified amount of protection for your buck.