Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Benchmarks Surface

There is not doubt in the fact that the Original Samsung Galaxy Ace was an all time blockbuster and had one of the most genuine specification chart for it’s time but the sorrow joined the scene when the Galaxy Ace 2 couldn’t cash in all what it banked upon that is the success of the former that helped the market leader to get a hold in the mid range in later times. The reason behind the failure could be attributed to the poor marketing that the latter saw specially in the potential conquerable regions viz. the sub-continent. Well that seems to be a thing of the past for the time being as Samsung looks in no mood to let the ‘Ace’ race of phone rest in peace and a result of that, they are back to conquer the mid range with a refreshed version of the bestselling mid-ranger, the Samsung Galaxy Ace3.

Carrying forward the “Ace” legacy on it’s shoulders, the Samsung Galaxy Ace3 seems to be ready enough sneak out of the rumor-lands as it has shown up in benchmark tests that have got enough of data to give us a brief intro about what the device would be capable of. The ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor 800 Mhz Dual core has been replaced by a Broadcom one with it’s two cores ticking at a healthier 1Ghz of clockspeed and a Gigabyte of RAM(Duh! that’s seems quite obvious as the silicon company has already been shut down!). With the bump in the clockspeed we may get to face some faded off graphics performance as the much competitive Mali-400MP has been replaced by the Broadcom VideoCore IV unit. Although a similar configuration showed up in the form of the Galaxy S2 Plus, Samsung has done a better job this time by putting the less competitive chipset(That had to bow down in front of the Exynos silicon present in the original Galaxy S2!) in a device that follows a pretty lower niche in the hierarchy.

Further, you can expect the display of being a WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) unit as any how the mid ranger will be placed below the Galaxy Grand Duos and that also could refer to the screen size being about 4-4.3 inches of diagonal. The camera can remain to the same 5 Megapixel unit with 720p HD video and the internal storage will be capable of carrying 4 Gigabytes worth of data as anyhow that is a basic necessity for a device that is set to go on board with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean out of the box! Further, you cannot expect anything but a full fledged connectivity suite complete with NFC to go Onboard too!

With the specifications of the device popping up on the internet, you can now expect the device to hit the scene with not much of delay as the later it does, the older it’ll get!

Source: GLBenchmark