Samsung Galaxy Core Announced: It’s Raining Mid Rangers Here!

With the recent success of the Galaxy Grand Duos and the announcement of the successor to one of the bestselling mid range droids, the Galaxy Ace 3, Sammy is all set to pull yet another mid-ranger up it’s sleeve. As the name goes, this is a pure mid range device with the core specifications that belongs to the forte. Having nothing much on the aesthetics to write home about, this is yet another plastic clad Samsung mid-ranger that backs it up with some top notch Android Jelly Bean experience with all of it’s Bells and Whistles!


Samsung Galaxy Core

The Samsung Galaxy core is a typical mid-spec’d device made to match up to the lives of devices like the HTC Desire X or the Desire SV and more of the same genre. Apart from being an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean device, one another trick that it has over it’s competitors is the ! Gigabyte of RAM over the gusty chipset that rests inside with it’s two cores ticking along at 1.2 GHz of CPU clock. Further, the Samsung Galaxy core will feature a 5 Megapixel snapper on the back with support for video at 480p@30fps while a VGA unit is placed over the 4.3” WVGA(480×800) display to handle your video conferencing needs. Following all these is a full fledged connectivity suite and a battery rated at a healthy 1800 mAh that looks to hold enough of juice to keep the device going by the day. Apart from that, the official announcement follows up with the Dual SIM or “DUOS” variant going on sale by the end of this month while the developer friendly(That’s truly a personal opinion of mine!) single SIM variant will hit the shelves somewhere near July.

What’s your cut? You demanded a more pocketable yet capable device. They delivered and there shouldn’t be any questions raised over the lack of HD capabilities as the device is meant to deliver some fast and smooth Android “Butter” on the lower price tag instead of competing with the Xbox gaming stuff that the merchants from the other side of the shore have to offer!