Samsung Galaxy Folder Leaks: Talks Nostalgia

To those who are still awaiting a response from the creators of the bestseller clamshell, the Moto Razr, it is Samsung who has decided to take on the job for the revival of a legacy which got buried with the rise of the Smartphone OSes. Samsung was said to be working on an android based clamshell device and here are the first outcomes regarding the device.

Galaxy FolderThe old school looking clamshell smartphone takes us back the the good old days when the form factor used to make a major criteria when we had to opt for a new phone. The metal clad Moto Razr is a legend and even Samsung had quite a few shots at the same with some razor thin clamshells with the irony being the lack of the ”smartphone” feature set while Nokia took on the challenge and created superpower clamshell camera phones with brains in it’s N series line up viz. the Nokia N90. These days we are going for the thin and big screen phones and even Motorola switched to the candy bar touchscreen form factor to pull out yet another masterpiece in the form of the Razr i and in such a scenario, it’ll be rather interesting to see how a clamshell device with a WVGA display running on a dual core Snapdragon S4 chipset will fare out at the box office. The device looks humble and as a touch of the Koreans in it’s soul but it is indeed gonna be a tough call for Samsung which has named the device as SHV-E400 for the model number which suggests that this will be a Korea specific device on the cards for the time being.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder could be a breakout or nothing out of that sleek yet stylish form factor that we are familiar with these days as having an additional panel for the dialer buttons could be an aid and take the swiveling nature of the screen and you’re in for some portable full touch action too! The device has been notified to be running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and will have LTE on board considering the popularity of the same in Korea referring to the launch of the Snapdragon 800 powered Galaxy S4.

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