Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 To be Released Today in U.S Priced at $499 (16 GB) & $549 (32 GB)

The much anticipated iPad-killer Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is now in the United States. The Galaxy Note 10.1 will go on sale in United States today (16th August).

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is priced at $499 for the 16 Gigabyte version and at $549 for the 32 Gigabyte version which is the same price as that of the iPad. However, there are some remarkable differences between these two tablets. The Galaxy Note comes with a digital pen and a faster processor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

One of the best feature of Galaxy Note 10.1 is the digital pen and it is the first time that Samsung is offering a digital pen with their device. It is powered with a quad core processor and 2 Gigabytes of RAM which makes it possible for you to run two applications at a time with one in each half of the screen making multi-tasking much easier. This will attract more business and students who can use the Galaxy Note to take notes one half of the screen while they watch a video or a tutorial on the other half.

Samsung has not been really successful with tablets as they have been with their smartphones. iPad dominates 70% of the tablet market worldwide making it tough for Samsung to compete with it though the latter has released around 6 tablets under the Galaxy Tab series.

Apple releases a new model of their device every year for the iPhone and iPad. However, Samsung releases quite a lot of smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, there are a few other competitors of Samsung in the tablet market which included ASUS Transformer Prime and Motorola Xoom.

The digital pen that Samsung is offering along with the Note 10.1 is something that can draw the attention of the users. The “S Pen” has been improved pressure-sensitivity to make it feel natural while the users use it. The Pen plays an important role in taking notes and playing a few games which come pre-loaded in the device along with 30 other applications. The Pen is sometimes more handy than the usual touch while playing games. The device also comes with Adobe Photoshop Touch.

Samsung is going with enterprise clients and schools with Galaxy Note 10.1 in South Korea. However, they have not released the device for the customers yet. It would be interesting to see the response of United States to the release of Galaxy Note 10.1 today. Would you like to buy a Galaxy Note 10.1? If yes. why? Please lets us know in the comments section below 🙂

via The Washington Post