Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications Surface: The Return Of The Big Daddy

The big daddy of all the smartphones is all set to make yet another return to the decks and this time, it’s bigger and better (of course). Nothing to be surprised about that, as Sammy has done it previously with it’s previous generation flagship, in line with the newly leaked Galaxy Tabs and the Galaxy Mega phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will follow the trademark footprints of the Galaxy S4. This does means that we all gonna see a beast that ticks a nibble around the $699 mark but yet caste in the feeble plastic body that has become a trademark for the whole breed, the weight of the giants being the suspected cause over there.

Galaxy Note 3 suspected image v/s Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is suspected to be boasting the Exynos 5 Octa platform which is not much of a surprise as all said and done, it does delivers. While the chipset couldn’t make it to the worldwide shipments with the 2013 flagship, Sammy just can’t let the successor of the most powerful phablet of it’s time to go live with any boxes left un-ticked up it’s sleeve. Further, the cortex-A15 cores could be ticked up to anything near the 2 GHz mark while the amount of RAM has been kept at a whopping 3 Gigabytes which means regardless of the hundred of applications you run at once, the task manager won’t have to break a sweat while switching between ’em.  The display will be a 6-inches Full HD unit which’ll be powered by the 8 Mali-450 GPU cores while rest of the specifications can be drawn from the Galaxy S4’s specifications chart going by the family traditions.

The Next ‘Big’ Thing will as expected run the latest version of the Android OS topped up with the latest of Samsung’s Touchwiz along with the S-features(And you mean all of ’em if you are talking about a device of such honor.) and we can see forward for the device to be unveiled at IFA 2013 that’ll be hosted in Berlin.

What’s your cut? Aren’t you tired of the same ‘Big’ things‘?