Samsung Galaxy Round Curved Smartphone Leaked

It has been quite a while that we have been hearing about curved display smartphones that will be launched by Samsung and LG. The two Korean giants later confirmed that these rumors were true and they will be launching curved smartphones probably within a month or two. But before they are launched, @evleaks has leaked two shots of the curved smartphone from Samsung.

Samsung Curved Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Round

The curved display smartphones will be named Samsung Galaxy Round that suits the best to its design and body. From the images it looks like the smartphones are bound for the South Korean market but you can be sure of its launch in other parts of the world pretty soon after it has been announced by Samsung. The LTE-Advanced branding on its back adds to our speculation about its South Korean launch initially.

What matters more is not where it is launched initially but that it is a curved smartphone – the Galaxy Round being the first one of this type. The design of the smartphone seems to be curated in a way to fit the best in your hands. Sure the Note 3 does feel like a beast in the hand but you can not compromise on the size of the screen just because it is difficult for you to hold it next to your ears. This smartphone will be your choice if you are one among them who don’t wish to compromise on screen size for difficulty in handling the phone.

While there has been no leak from LG, you can expect them to launch a curved smartphone very soon along with its rival. We will publish more info on this as and when it is available. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to stay update. Make sure you check out some more subscription options that suit your reading needs.

Source: @evleaks