Samsung Galaxy S IV Dated For An April Launch: Most Probably!

There have been rumors and a million of them following the next generation warhead flagship from the current market leader. We are definitely talking about the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 which has sprouted yet again via some sources in the rumor-land. There have been talks regarding the use of the next generation Octa core Exysnos 5 chipset along with the Operating System which the phone will run corresponding to which, there have been talks regarding the future marketing strategies of the Korean Giant as well as their very own Samsung Galaxy S4.

As per a couple of shots taken from an internal raffle document at a New Zealand mobile retailer, the next Samsung flagship is expected to hit the scene by April 2013 i.e. post this year’s Mobile World Congress.
Here are the alleged images from the excerpt:

As clear as that, we can expect the phone to go live before the raffle gets over as the prizes will have to be delivered by that time! Even if we take this scrap with a pinch of salt regarding the truth that it hold to itself, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be landing up live anytime near this April’s first week which’ll put the leader back into the race with the big guns which would have blasted off the MWC with their FullHD Displays this year.
Believe it or not, Hard or True, the flagship Galaxies have always been of the benchmark mashing kind moreover, the most beloved ones of ’em all.
So, if it all goes well, what are your expectations? Are you going to get one of these home this time?
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Source: PhoneArena