Samsung Galaxy S3 To Get Galaxy S4 Features

Mr. Nick DeCarlo, Samsung VP of Portfolio and Planning, in an interview with PC Mag has revealed that many of Samsung Galaxy S4 features will be available for its older version that is Samsung Galaxy S III with device firmware upgrade.

Any apps of Samsung Galaxy S4 that doesn’t depend on any hardware and sensor update from the device Samsung Galaxy S III for its usage will be available for S III. Apps most likely could be S Translator, S Health and the updated S Voice Drive and many more that could Samsung offer for the convenience of S III users.

This is what Mr. Nick DeCarlo said:

Anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices.

According to what rumors suggest, in addition above mentioned apps we can see new camera interface and some of the new TouchWiz User Interface like Smart Pause and Smart Scroll. But unfortunately in his interview, Mr.V.P. has not mentioned anything specifically about which software of Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature in the Samsung Galaxy S III. But we are hoping Samsung Galaxy III users will get some appreciable deal for their device with their firmware upgrade.

Source: PC Mag