Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Benchmarks Surface Yet Again!

After the onslaught by the Xperias and the Xperia Z’s before time arrival to the markets, the market leader seems to be taking the things way too seriously to gain the fraction of it’s mob that got diverted towards the Japanese Budget offerings. After the Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young which won a lot of hearts over their finely customized Nature UX topped up TouchWiz UI on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it seems to be high time for Sammy to hit the trot with a perfect mid ranger and it can’t get better with a version of the Flagship carrying the ‘mini’ moniker.

Galaxy S4 Mini Stacked Up Against The Former Flagship

As per the earlier pieces of leaks, the Galaxy S4 Mini was rumored to boast a Dual core Exynos 5 chipset(Like the one inside the Nexus 10) which could had placed the device an ace up the food chain but the latest leaked benchmark puts the phone in the upper mid-range price bracket which can just  turn out to be the sweetest spot to be hit by the OEM as per the current market conditions.

The Benchmark sheet has got a lot of things to convey to us about the next ‘Mini’ and if the paper part turns out to reality, it could just be another bang for the buck device with some additional ‘S4’ attitude as there are hardly any competitive offerings here. As per the sheet above, the S4 Mini is speculated to be running over the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro of the previous generation with two Krait cores ticking at 1.7 GHz of clockspeed alongside the tried and tested Adreno 305 GPU to power a qHD(that’s 960×540 pixels) screen which looks good enough in the genre. This is the same chipset that has been powering most of the budgeted Windows phone 8 offerings and it also puts in a direct brawl against the Sony Xperia L which is definitely a wonderful droid in itself!

If all goes well, Sammy may get an edge over the competition if the Galaxy S4 Mini follows up the above specifications with the only threat being the robustly built Taiwanese, that’s the HTC One S which runs an almost similar set of specifications. Whichever way it goes, it hardly matters as far as it’s Samsung. Even if it puts the S4 mini in the upper segments with the Exynos 5 on-board, It’ll definitely have another offering lined up to fill the considered gap as the market leader is on a spree to update it’s smartphone line-up across all the price segments.