Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviewed Before Going Official

Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been making the headlines since a week ahead of it’s launch which has been scheduled a few hours from now, there is a group of geeks named as who seem to love playing the party spoilers and while the whole world is awaiting for the next Samsung Flagship to shed covers at Time Square New York a few hours from now, they seem to be having fun in tearing apart the Korean warhead in their detailed coverage/review of the Chinese variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 which is also a Dual SIM one.

It is getting more and more interesting with time as the clock is slowly ticking towards the scheduled time for the event to unfold. What makes it more and more interesting is that if what the Chinese have came up with is true enough, doesn’t that puts a question mark on Samsung’s marketing team? Or rather this could be just another publicity stunt!

Whatever it is, it is fun to see how the model named under i9502 whose amazing technology and a lot of resemblance with the Samsung Galaxy S3 as shook the whole scene. It is a true benchmark dominator and much a nicely carved and crafted look alike of the Galaxy S3. You can head over to the review page hosted on the website, unluckily it is all chinese. The time is ticking, with all the mobile geeks around the world holding their nerves to see the Samsung Exynos Octa 5 packing FullHD 2013 Flagship by the market leader to unfold, Stay tuned for more as we await the Samsung UNPACK event to start in a few hours!