Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause and Floating Touch Hands On Video

Will you really watch the Samsung Unpacked live? I don’t think many of you will considering the huge amount of leaks we are seeing before the device goes official.


With the already leaked gallery of images, we are sure about how the phone would look like and what its features could be. The most anticipated ones are the Smart Pause and Floating touch (Smart scroll doesn’t seem to be incorporated into the device though). The aforementioned features have been shown off in the two videos below.

If you haven’t read our previous posts, let me tell you that the Smart Pause feature is the one that pauses the video you are watching when you turn away and are not looking at the phone. It can be seen in the video below.

Floating touch is something you would already know if you have seen how S-Pen works on the Note 2. You don’t touch the S-Pen on your Note 2 but still can perform actions hovering it above the display. When you have Galaxy S4, you do it using your finger as seen in the video below.

via Engadget