Samsung Galaxy S4 Teased in Shadows

With all the mobile enthusiasts hooting and holding their nerves for the 14th of March that has been scripted to be the day of the Next Big Thing, the 2013 Samsung Flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. While all is set for the giant to uncover it’s warhead with only a day to follow, the device has already stolen off enough of limelight from it’s direct competitors courtesy the numerous leaks as well as hoaxes! Apart from that, Samsung too wants to keep building up the hype for it’s much awaited uncovering of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and in line with that, they have put this hazy pic of the alleged device up on their Facebook Timeline!

samsung galaxy s4

While the image adds more to the speculated Galaxy S3 looks of the next Korean Flagship, It rather looks like a teaser rather than a sneak as you might have noticed the absence of the earpiece as well as the sensors and the front camera which just can’t go neglected by the firm for a phone that has become a brand name for the firm itself.

Meanwhile, the recently leaked photographs of a Galaxy S3 look alike Samsung phone under the model number I9502 that is running on a 1.8Ghz Quadcore ARMv7 processor coupled with PowerVR SGX 544MP has already set the pace on fire yet creating a setback for those who thought of a better design over a body that should had been of atleast a better quality material rather than the cheap plastic casing of the Galaxy S3.

Here are the real life snaps of the device:

While the specified model alias looks anything as close as it could be to the much awaited Samsung Flagship while the specifications take it even more closer to be real, the tech freak within can still wait for a day till the most anticipated device of the year sheds off the covers to become reality.

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