Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 Camera Shootout

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now trending as fast as anything around the world and this time it is a rather interesting shootout that has surfaced. The first camera samples of the alleged 13Megapixel sensor are here which is the first for a Samsung flagship jumping up from the conventional 8Megapixel race. What makes these photographs more special is that they show contrastingly amazing imaging capabilities of the Korean Flagship as the pictures taken with the alleged devices have been put up in a face off against the iPhone 5’s camera samples.

The Pictures taken by the i9502(the Chinese variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4) look much close to reality with the colors coming alive with perfect contrast and saturation levels! If that is the real story, the HTC One should be ready with it’s “under-performing” Ultrapixels to be put up in a shootout against another pain in to it’s life.

One of the most important things to be noticed in the pictures above is the pleasing amount of detail that is present in every pixel. Although the Cameras of the previous generation Galaxy Flagships have performed at par with the best but there was this little count of pixel that always turned the heads down of the users, this time around, Sammy looks to be in no mood to get the matters settled with anything but sheer perfection!