Samsung Galaxy S8 Unbiased Review

Samsung S8 review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Unbiased Review

Samsung has maintained its reputation of offering reliable and feature packed devices and smart phones for its customers. Another power packed and feature packed smart phone release is Samsung Galaxy S8 because it can offer you everything that not only fulfills your expectation but also exceeds them.

If we look at the Galaxy S7 series, then we will find that there have been several improvements in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+ that made the new smart phone much better and superior choice for users.

New Samsung Galaxy S8

When you will buy new Samsung Galaxy S8, then you will get some additional items with smartphone which would be assistive in general smart phone use. Things like USB/USB-C adapter and AKG ear buds etc. will ensure the best usability and convenience for the user so that user can focus on feature check process with freedom. There is no doubt that this smart phone release has many highlight factors but the most important factor is its appearance.

Appearance is a major factor, though, you can have plenty of options by choosing best Samsung mobile covers available which just not only for appearance for protection too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8

Specifications and performance

Most importantly, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a smart phone that can never be disappointing in specifications and performance because it has Octacore Processor integrated in the device that makes it strong, durable and faster than any other ordinary processor available in the market.

This device is also approved with IP68 rating that makes it water resistant as well. This is a water resistant and dust resistant smart phone.

Display and Sensors 

Screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 is integrated with advanced tech as well because it is AMOLED curved infinity display of 5.8 inch that definitely promises you the best video watching experience and it is convenient for smart phone use as well.

However, it could be inconvenient in term of using finger print sensor because some people find it bothersome that the space of this device is almost completely occupied with display which leaves less space for other buttons.

There are also other sensors like biometric authentication iris scanner and facial recognition sensor that can be considered a replacement of fingerprint sensor in many places and this can be the perfect solution of the problem of big display.

Bixby voice assistant

Mobile controls are quite handy and convenient because it has seamless design and this device also reveals many virtual buttons once you turn on your smart phone screen which means that there will be no compromise in functionality of buttons even when the device has such big display.

Moreover, this time Samsung has also introduced voice assistant feature for those who like to use this feature like Siri in iPhone. Bixby is Samsung’s voice assistant that is pretty much capable of doing everything that you need to do but you will need to make Samsung account in order to use it.

Smart phone accessories

Although there is no lack in the grace in the original appearance of this smart phone, but still if you want to add some more creativity and grace in it then you can consider buying smart phone accessories like mobile cover, back cover and flip case according to your smart phone model.

There are so many cases available in the market and there is a huge variety in Samsung cover range so you just need to browse the internet and this will not be hard to find best and most suitable cover for your smart phone that will make your smart phone unique and completely new!

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