Samsung Galaxy SIV : Specifications Confirmed

While the Samsung Galaxy SIII is ruling the current Quadrant standards and the Galaxy SII still brushing off from the shelves, Samsung looks in no mood to get into any sort of settlement with it’s counterpart firms. After the successive confirmations on the FullHD 1080p Displays in makings by various OEMs which they were going to provide in their next installment of flagships along with the mighty Quad core Kraits, it was as obvious as it could be that another blockbuster (from the galactically successful series) couldn’t be much far away to hit the scene.

One simply cannot rule out the truth that despite or all the criticism, no one can stop the Koreans from topping out the charts. We are definitely talking about Samsung, the firm which blows all the other OEMs straight out of water in terms of number of devices sold per year and since past 3 years, it has become a traditional affair for the droid community to expect something from the Giant which will blow the charts up. Q1 every year is the time when a Galaxy intrudes into the game and thrashes out all the competitors with something which could be out of the world.

Four Cortex-A15 cores ticking on a home-made Exynos at a blazingly fast 2Ghz of clockspeed and an 8-core GPU combo looks promising enough to outdo all the current offerings and not only that, it can tame down the mightiest out there, including the Kraits. Top that up with the latest of android over a 4.99” SuperAMOLED unit (which promise unquestionable display standards) which does a whopping 441ppi (that is almost twice than that on the hyped retina unit present on the iPhone!) with the resolution ticking the flashy 1080p mark and a 13Megapixel camera while the storage could take in as much as 64Gigabytes of data and you come out with definitely a monster untamed that is ready to unleash it’s dominance over the current mob and for the taking, you can call it as the Samsung Galaxy SIV!

Apart from all that bragging rights, we can surely assume the monster to come out with the latest of Android on-board and some 4G support to feed it’s hunger, but don’t expect it to  come out before Q1 next year!

So What’s up? If you still couldn’t believe your eyes, here is the source link for you.


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