Samsung Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame Announced

With Sony Xperia E and Xperia E Duos along taking the stakes high in the lower end of the smartphone market by bumping the processors’ pace up to 1Ghz of   clockspeed on a fairly robust chipest, how can we expect the market’s undisputed leader to stand by the side without getting into the game! It was the leader itself which had blasted through the low end market with its implementation of te 832 Mhz Broadcomm chipset into it’s lower end phones like the lives of the much popular galaxy Y series and more.


To keep itself in line with some direct threats coming from the Japanese, Samsung has unveiled two new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running smartphones named as the Galaxy Young, which directly fits into the entry level segment and the Galaxy Fame which takes it to the lower part of the mid range price bracket. Both of the phones look almost identical(Is that the case with only these two?) and apart from the aesthetics, both share the same 1 Ghz CPU powering up the HVGA Displays(3.2” for the Young and 3.5” for the Fame across the Diagonal) along with 4 Gigs of internal storage. The Galaxy Young has got a handsome 768 Megabytes of RAM while it’s bigger sibling has to get things settled within the 512 Megabytes mark for no genuine reason! Again, the Samsung Galaxy Fame wins the power game in the imaging department with its 5 megapixel sensor with auto-focus and a VGA unit at the front  while the Galaxy Young has to do with the casual 3 megapixel fixed-focus unit while it also edges out in the connectivity department with the optional support for NFC(which could be region/carrier dependent).

While both of these phones might be benchmark experts but both have got enough within to keep us excited. Both of the phones will be offered along their Dual SIM counterparts as per the region. Further, there has not been any quotes regarding the availability or the pricing of the phones which keeps us in the hunt.

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Source: Samsung