Samsung Google Nexus 10 leaks: Picasa again!

It was just a few months back that we covered all about the Google Nexus 7 along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the successor to the quad-core 7-incher seems ready to blow your senses up. The first slate from the search giant turned out to be a big success courtesy the juicy internals and the quoted “perfectly sized body for mobile usage”, but it seems like for the time being, Google is going to get along to brawl it out with the bigger bullies out there. The moniker confirms, its a 10.1-incher.

The bigger, the “better”.  As simple as these words, this is the best strategic way to go in the current marketing scenario. Talking about something big, the first name which sprouts up in a geek’s mind could be nothing else but “Samsung”. It seems like Google is once again planning to go with one of it’s better partners, Samsung. If all the speculations and rumors are true, we will be witnessing a 10.1-inch Android slate boasting some retina beating pixel count along with the long awaited cortex-A15 based SoC from Samsung.

It’s Picasa being the place from where we are getting some good amount of leaks these days and again, the Samsung Google Nexus has been confirmed by the site via the leaked EXIF data of an image taken by the device in question.

Talking about a slate, we cannot deny from the fact that it’s Apple all the way. With the Apple iPad being the predator of the tablet-land but with all the rumored configurations(Couple the best Exynos till date to a display with a supposed 299ppi pixel count) for this device from the arch rivals to Apple, this just might be the biggest terror to the Big Daddy.

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