Samsung GT-B9150 Shows Up: Leaves Us In A Dilemma

With the recent piece of leaked info regarding the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that we had brought to you a couple of days ago, all was set for Samsung taking a step back and staying within the showrooms at this year’s MWC. But, now there’s a surprise entry into the scene which has made a quite astounding appearance as a potential powerhouse which tallies up in terms of most of the rumored specifications we had saved for the next generation Samsung Flagship.


We have this rumor corresponding to the existence of the Samsung GT-B9150 (What’s with the naming?) which might be expected to be revealed at this year’s Mobile World Congress this February 25th. The phone is rumored to be boasting two 1.7Ghz Cortex A-15 cores upon the Exynos 5 chipset which sets the pace up. Obviously this is the same silicon which powers up the massive pixel count on the Google Nexus 10 and talking about the pixels, the Samsung GT-B9150 dazzles it up with a 5 inch 1080p display which has a pixel count of a whopping 441ppi! If you take a closer look at those specifications above, they just seem to be in some sort of correlation to the rumored details on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Meanwhile, the Samsung GT-B9150 is a powerhouse in itself and is expected to hit the floor at the MWC. Couple that with the “GT-BXXX” nomenclature, the chance of the phone being the SGS4 just vanish away. Further, if all is said and done regarding the GT-B9150, the next question that pops up in the mind is what will the niche it’ll fit into with the only vacancy being the next flagship at the current moment of time unless the Korean produce a new tag name!

Do you think this will be the Galaxy S4?

Source: PhoneArena