Samsung SHV-E300S Benchmarks Flash Up: Could it Be the Next Big Thing?

In succession to the numerous rumors and leaks sparkling up the whole scenario as we proceed towards this year’s MWC, there have been some silent jolts coming from the Koreans regarding their 2013 Flagship, known to everyone, yet the mysterious Samsung Galaxy S4. Although the model in disguise has been stated as the SHV-E300S under the GL Benchmark’s Tally which could be attributed as the possible South Korean variant of the latter as the International model will be following the series up with a I9XXX nomenclature on it’s tag. Further, what makes things to pick up the pace is the brutality with which the alleged model thrashes off the competition in the 1080p-Offscreen Benchmark leaving it’s own previously 2012 sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S3!

While the original version of the Samsung Flagship will be boasting the trademark Exynos onboard, these benchmarks have got a lot in them to convey to us. Although, these benchmarks are of a Samsung device running on the Qulacomm MSM8960 chipset but as the device clearly beats the previously benchmark stormers straight out of the water even though boasting a FullHD display, we can definitely conclude these to depict the expected performance of the next generation Samsung Flagship, the Korean version.
This should be enough to tell the whole story i suppose:

Being a clear winner in the Offscreen test, there’s ain’t no doubt that this could be the next gen High Definition player that Samsung will need to stack up against the FullHD race of 2013 Flagships. Meanwhile, it does go a tad slower in the Onscreen test possibly because it has to deal with twice the number of pixels on the screen than what the Android 4.2 flagship had to do with.

Whatever it is, it is enough to keep us excited and hooting for more as the international version will be boasting the next gen Exynos chipset which will be even more powerful than the one in it’s South Korean edition. So what to expect? A benchmark demolishing powerhouse on a power saving architecture? Four Cortex-A15  cores coupled with four more capable enough Cortex-A7 units? What’s your cut? Do leave us a word of your opinion in the comments section as we keep the adrenaline going for the march towards the 2013 Flagship race.

Source: GLBenchmark