Samsung & HTC Clash on Twitter

While HTC’s One with it’s Ultrapixels failed to impress the eyes of expectations, Sammy turned many heads down by going for the Galaxy S3 inspired all-plastic design. It was rather disappointing to see that both of the Giants failed to pull out something incredible out of all the hype they created before the commencement of this year’s MWC which was held at Barcelona.


After being the reason for such sorrow to the entire droid fraternity, it seems that the pointless exchange of warfare doesn’t seems to end at that very point. As you can see from the excerpt above extracted from the twitter handles, Samsung looks seems to be enjoying bashing upon HTC’s 2013 flagship while on the other hand, the Taiwanese pulled out a mockery on Sammy’s not so eco/customer-friendly plastic love.

Whatever it is, both the phones haven’t been capable enough to match up to the expectations and all that was at stake. The truth is, being Quietly Brilliant doesn’t seems to be the way to become a better Life Companion 😉 .