Samsung’s First Tizen Phone (Z9005) Appears in Hands-On Video

Samsung now has its own OS called Tizen that will run on its upcoming devices probably starting 2014. While there were rumors that Samsung might not produce Android phones in future, they are false and there will be a Galaxy S5 in the market soon. Samsung does say that the Tizen will power almost everything including mobiles, cars, watches and more. We still have no idea how true that would be but a hands-on video of the Tizen powered smartphone from Samsung at least assures you that it will power mobile phones that might be launched soon.

The device’s model number is Z9005 and Tizen does look like Android in some ways but definitely with more options than you might get on an OEM-skinned Android device. Many features are built-in and it has circular icons. The notification bar shows notifications in square boxes – that surely requires a huge screen. Watch more features in the hands-on video below: