Saying ‘Ok Google Play Some Music’ Will Now Launch an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Radio Station

One of the latest added voice commands to Google Now lets you play an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ music station. This would work only if you have installed Google Play music on your phone. The app comes pre-installed in most phones especially in Nexus and Motorola devices.

You can now open Google search or tap on the mic icon that appears in Google search bar or if you are lucky enough to own a Motorola device, you can simply speak the command from the home screen to open Google search. Saying ‘Ok Google’ makes Google search active after which if you say ‘Play Some music’, Google will open up Play Music app and start an ‘I’m feeling lucky’ radio station.

Google has been adding new commands to Google now and it makes really easy to perform some basic tasks using these voice commands. To know all types of actions that can be performed using Google now, simply speak “Ok Google” and Google will list all of them with examples.