Scope Integrates All Your Social Networks In One Place

How many of you have this sorrow building up in you considering the official social media apps provided by the firms themselves? Or should I ask the other way round! Getting social is the need of time as in the present era of social media globalization, everything is being digitized. Messages are no more written on a piece of paper, neither the emotions are kept within. We all need to connect as we all want to grow. While the social community is growing with every single day that counts, we all need a client or some sort of assistance. There are some official apps provided by the social networking giants which work seamlessly around all sorts of mobile operating systems but in case of the droidians, it’s been a matter of sorrow! There’s ain’t no doubt that these apps workout fine amongst the high end processing powerhouses but it’s actually the lower end where the budget of the biggest part of the community i.e. the Youth fits in and where these apps are nothing more than some sluggish nightmares that kills out the being Social quotient by a margin!

Screenshot_2012-12-31-05-34-13  Screenshot_2012-12-31-05-34-52

Scope is one of the easiest ways around to stream through your social life without having your phone to break out a drop of sweat. Measuring in at around a mere 2.6 Megabytes of compressed data, this is one of the lightest and most frequently downloaded Social network stream manager in the play store while most of the competition like the lives of Friendcaster etc. are still heavier on the system.

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The overall interface has been kept simple and it goes as handsome as it could be with the use of the grey background and some simple yet facilitating enough action buttons. You can stream through your Newsfeed, Check and sent messages like a breeze with support for multiple social network accounts on which you exist as well as the popout action button in the bottom left part of the screen is always there to socialize your words or images as quickly as you could be there. However, being a beta app, you’ll have to face a few hiccups here and there which could be a bit annoying at times! The loading times are a tad longer than what you could expect them to be despite of whatever speed your data plan promise, but Hey! You can’t get all the creamy part of the cake in a single go!

As far as the first impressions are concerned, Scope does promises to be a good fellow as far as you keep some sort of faith in it! With more than 100000 downloads, it’ll keep growing up as fast as the community grows! So, feel free to give this a try as you won’t have to shuffle even a single penny off your pockets to get along with this amazing app and do remember to leave us a word on this in the comments section 🙂

We would give this app a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

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