Sea Stars: Too Good To Hang Around With

Its been way too long that we posted about any cool game to hang around with and we finally got one with us now. Sea Stars from Hothead games is a one of a kind 2D jumpy ride which entertains you along the way with it’s crisp and clear water diving action carried out by some really cute deep sea creatures which are fun to play along courtesy the eye popping 2D art and animations.


Unlike most of the other games, this game is way to easy to master as the game on a whole can be played out by using only a single finger of yours’. The key factors that decide the success and playability of games under this genre count as first, the Fluidity of action and secondly, the fun quotient. In my opinion, Sea Stars packs in quite a punch if the above factors are considered. The animations are fluid enough to keep you stuck to the screen while the controls are bang on to assure an easy ride upfront.

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Further, you get to choose from a wide variety of characters and pets from the stock while you start as Dante the Dolphin which is cute in it’s own ways. As you progress through the game, you can unlock a lot of different worlds and levels which promise hours of jumping and diving action.

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The gameplay is the plus point of this action packed adventure as you just have to touch the screen to make the creature dive down and release it to make it jump!(Easy enough?) But beware, a whole fleet of Jelly Fish and squids come along to make your way a bit difficult and as you start to take a breath passing by, you can easily be hit by torpedoes and missiles coming straight towards your nose!(Ouch! that must’ve hurt!).

All in all, If you’re bored up of playing the same Angry Birds/Temple Run/Subway Surfers, you should must give this game atleast a trial. Available to be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store, the Sea Stars are really fun to get along!

Google Play Store: Free