Send Self-Destructing Secret Messages on Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently brought out a secret message option or rather an encrypted self-destructive message for the Facebook Messenger App. This secret message option works only if both the sender and the receiver has the updated version of messenger.The secret message sending feature initially works as the normal messaging with stickers,emoticons, and photo sharing but differs on how the message is sent.

To send self destructing secret messages on Facebook messenger, do the following:

  • Update the new version of Messenger App.
  • To start an encrypted message click on message composing a message and thereafter choose the secret option on top right corner.
  • Once the user types the message and proceeds to send the messenger app alerts the sender that the message is going to be encrypted.Press ‘Ok’ to continue.


  • The only disadvantage of this feature is that it works only if the other person has the updated app as well, otherwise the receiver will not be able to see the message.
  • By default, the messages are not set to self-destruction mode. The user has to set the timer for the time of the message to be visible which can range from 5 seconds to 24 hours.


  • Once you set the timer it remains same for all the messages until and unless the user changes the timings of visibility again.
  • Once the secret messages become invisible they cannot be retrieved ever, though there is an option of turning off the timer.
  • There is a timer which shows the countdown until the secret message disappears.
  • The notification of receiving a message from the encrypted sender does not show the user’s name and simply shows ‘Someone sent you a message’.


Facts about this secret message feature on Facebook Messenger

  • The encrypted messages cannot be seen by Facebook themselves.
  • The encrypted messages appear in a different thread of conversation.
  • The feature for Facebook messenger may not be available for all the regions yet.
  • This feature is not functional on web messenger as of now.