Shorten Our URLs with HACKDROID.ME is long domain but something that makes sense about what we publish. But sometimes, it becomes pretty inconvenient to share these long URLs with our friends. I myself don’t like long URLs being shared on social networking sites. What do we need – a URL shortener and here is one. Though I am aware of the misconceptions Google and HostGator had regarding our content and the domain that contains the word “hack” in it, I registered the domain to use as a URL shortener for our URLs. It may still seem long but again, it does make sense when we use URLs. I couldn’t find anything else that is shorter than this but I guess a few characters after wouldn’t make it look bad while you share it with others.

An example short URL that points you to this page:

Such URLs will appear with every post pretty soon which can be copied for you to share it with anyone else. If you still feel uncomfortable posting a URL with the word “hack” in it, you really need to read this. I’m sure there would be companies that don’t understand the diversity in the meaning of the word “hack” and we might need to take efforts to make them understand the legality of our content – but that doesn’t stop us from using this word in our branding attempts.

Do you think using would be a good idea? Let us know your feedback via the contact page. You can also connect with us via our social profiles that you can find in the author bio below, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter or be a part of our community by joining our Facebook group or Google+ community.