Sidebar: A Better Application Dock

Ever since the Ubuntu OS has hit the scenario, there have been talks about it’s UI and the much hyped app navigation via the sidebar. Meanwhile, we all live in the Android ecosystem which likes evolutions and adoptions as per the demand as it holds the tag of the most productive OS till date. Again, there have been apps like the Unity Launcher that we had reviewed recently which was as good as it could be but the sorrow remained the same. To get the full functionality, you need to pay for ’em.


There we go! We have yet another application of the same niche but what it adds to the table? Simplicity. The interface has been kept as simple as the name goes. It goes like a clean side mounted application dock that can host as many apps(Limited to a number of 8 in the Lite version but that’s enough of room for atleast your favorites!) as you want and you can navigate through them from almost every possible screen you’re working on!


The animations go fluid along the UI which is just bang on. The better part being that in the lite version, you get almost all the functionality of the paid version although being deprived of a few features like the dockbar customisation(e.g. transparency and color settings) where as the ease of multitasking remains top notch. In order to add an icon to the dock, you just need to click on the add button which can be found at the bottom of the dock and is accessible only till the applications count reaches a total of 8 applications at once.

Screenshot_2013-03-12-17-35-17 Screenshot_2013-03-12-17-35-39

You can chose from all the applications that are present in your phone’s application drawer as well as from some basic toggle/widgets that can come in quite handy if you own a phone without the toggles in the notification drawer or they can just serve as music keys for the sound enthusiast.


Further, in order to remove any application from the drawer, you can just give a slight push to it towards the direction opposite to the location of the sidebar that you have chosen or hold down on the icon till a tiny pop up menu shows up. If you can notice a little icon lighting up in your phone’s notification bar, it is the indicator for whether the sidebar is turned on/off while dropping down the notification drawer leads to the status of the ongoing apps where you can select the Sidebar app notification to head directly to the setting menu for the app.


In the setting menu you can either toggle the sidebar On/Off and meanwhile you also get a few customization options viz. position, animation etc via which you can customize the app as per your preferences. While the settings menu is open and you can find a whitish bar glowing on the side of the screen(whichever you have chosen) which gives the area of sensitivity of touch response for the sidebar to be dragged out. The good part? It disappears as soon as you exit the settings menu!.

All in all, this little package is worth a download atleast for those who like to work in a cleaner environment(you can notice the absence of application shortcuts on my Homescreen which used to be crowded at once!) and also who like to switch frequently between many apps at once. Easy on system and RAM, the sidebar is the best of it’s kind!

You can download the lite version of the app directly from the Google Play Store for free while to get the full version, you’ll have to shed off a few bucks from your pocket.

Google Play Store Link: Lite Version(Free)/Paid Version($1.99)