Sliding Messaging: Slide to Swap Between Your Texts

Bored of pressing the back button after sending a text to a friend while the other is waiting? Let’s slide and swap with Sliding Messaging. Sliding Messaging is more like a task manager kind of control over your messages box. We have reviewed the Sidebar and the WidgetShade apps which have proven that how quick switching between the tasks helps us to have an overall pleasant user experience. All you have to do is to swipe your screen from the left corner to bring up the Group messages, Messages as per the contacts and again the same to bring up all the conversations in your inbox as per the contacts on a single screen. Excited? let’s see how this thing actually works!

sliding messaging

It is definitely a neat trick if not a revolution but still slides in as an app that is cool enough to give a try and who knows you may fall in enough of love with it to hold on to it as a daily driver for your text messaging service.

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As depicted by the sequence of pictures above, this is how your screens appear as you swipe along the screen with two simple gestures at your service. A simple little swipe towards the right from any point on the screen takes you to respective screens as the texts grouped under their respective contact while a full screen left to right gesture drags out the list of all the contacts that have their texts in your inbox with the latest one on top with a display pic taken out from your contacts directory(If any.) and the vanilla Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Messaging UI chips in to make the things even simpler. Sounds simple? Why don’t you try it yourself? Follow me.

Although the Pro version of the app ticks in at $0.99, there is a free version too which bags in some of the most essential features of the latter which can give you most of the realm of what the app is actually all about! Sliding Messaging can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Further, for more on this you can head over to the original thread and the developers deserve a bow! I have tried and tested this app for more than 3 hours of heavy texts and let me tell your, apart from a few hiccups it just cruises as swiftly as you can swipe!