Smart Launcher For Android is a Simple, Light and Fast Launcher

I’m fond of launchers and have been trying quite a lot of them. Your preference for an Android launcher depends upon how fast it is. You cannot afford to spend much space on the RAM for the launcher as tapping the home button might not pull up the home screen pretty fast. In such cases, you need a fast and simple launcher. While Nemus launcher is one, Smart Launcher is a new player and performs pretty well.

Smart Launcher logo

As the name says, the design of Smart Launcher is simple, it lets you easily access apps that are used frequently – they are the phone dialer, messaging, gallery, camera, browser and music. Other icons are available from the app drawer button.

Smart Launcher Internet category

One thing which I like the most about this launcher is that it organizes all of your apps into categories automatically. In case the app makes a mistake, you can rectify it by dragging the icon of the app into the specific category where you want it to be present in.

This can be done by long-pressing the app icon. Doing this also pulls up a screen which gives you three options about the app – start, uninstall and kill. The start option isn’t really needed because if you had to do that, you wouldn’t long-press the icon. The other two options really reduce the need to navigate to Settings>apps and uninstall the apps you don’t need. You can do that right away from the app drawer. Killing the app makes it work much like a task manager – useful to save some Random Access Memory.

The Pros of the app include the app drawer which is a unique idea and deserves some appreciation for its automatic categorization of apps. Also, it is really light and extremely fast! The color of the clock, background are customizable and it also gives you an option to label the categories instead of showing only the icons.

The cons include inability to add widgets to the home screen in the free version of the app. Seriously, would you like to pay to add widgets to your home screen. I would love to see some weather info on my home screen with the help of widgets.

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