Sony C210X Shows Up On Picasa Yet Again!

Sony seems to be following the footsteps of the current market leader and in continuation to that, it looks in a mood all set for a head to head warfare, face to face, blow to blow! As everyone is aware of the Korean regiment’s manpower, it has got troops of every roost. In a similar fashion, after the fresh start under the  Sony moniker, the Japanese have been working it out find it’s soldiers fit in all sorts of ground which compliments the tally of over 20+ Xperias that have been released post the breakup party!

Sony c210x

After the overwhelming response that the little Xperia Tipo received although it was up against some well set rivals like the lives of the Galaxy Y-series or the HTC Explorer and the Notification regarding the Xperia E and E dual, Sony is looking all set to fasten it’s paws in the lower order price brackets as we have this image coming from the face of the rumorlands, Picasa web albums.

The photograph in question looks to be let loose as the result of some accidental upload to the picasa web servers but has got lots and lots of information for us on the next low end lad coming from the Japanese’s artillery. The phone has been quoted as C2105 and hence, is expected to boast a 3Megapixel unit on the back with Qualcomm’s Snapdragons i.e. either the MSM8227 or MSM8627 chipsets which boast dual core processors backed up by Adreno 305 graphics to sparkle up that FWVGA(480×854) display unit upfront with no hardware buttons howsoever as per the previously information regarding the Sony C210X.

Having a full variety of handsets across the various price tags will be a sure shot aid to the Japanese fleet which is already flying high on the grounds of stability, speed and some additional bit of class, but in order to take down the giant, one should not take things so easily yet the Japanese can, as they deliver what they promise.


Image: Picasa Web Albums

Source: Xperiablog

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