Sony C6603 Yuga Shows Off in Some Eye Popping Action

The cousin to the previously leaked Sony Odin, the Sony Yuga has made yet another experience in response to the rumors referring to it’s existence. This time, the Sony Flagship has leaked in a series of images which can be taken as a good move in order to show off that massive 1080p display estate.

These days in the android world, it all goes the bigger way. THE BIGGER THE BETTER. While the 5.5 incher from Samsung is ruling the streets and brushing off the shelves, the Japanese look in no mood to stay behind this time. To deal shoulders with the bestselling phablet in the market, the Sony Yuga looks nothing short of being the most competent entry into the scene in contrast with the rumored 6 inch display unit.


If all the rumors be taken with a point of view directing towards the truth,  the Japanese beast will be boasting a quad-core processing power on the Snapdragon S4 PRO silicon alongside 2Gigabytes Of RAM. The Camera has been confirmed to be rated at 12Megapixel worth of imaging capability rather than the previously rumored 13Megapixel sensor, while nothing but obvious, the Display could be a FullHD one(Yes! that’s 1080p of eye candy on the serve) on a 6” plate.


While the Phone/Phablet is all set to ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box topped up with Sony’s very own sleek and stylish UI, we can expect the device to break covers @CES in January 2013.

What’s your cut on this move by Sony? A brand known for it’s user experience value and quality, but don’t you think they’re getting a bit late to every other party these days?

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