Sony Xperia M And Sony Xperia M Dual Announced

Sony mobiles has been doing quite well enough to gain the momentum which eventually they never lost and as an outcome, we have seen the Japanese flooding out the different price brackets with numerous varieties of Xperia handsets and with the announcement of the Xperia M Dual along side the single SIM variant, Sony has finally chipped in with a Dual SIM device in the league of mid range handsets. Having to face some seriously tough and quite senior competition in the lives of Samsung’s Grand Quattro or HTC’s Desire V or the LG Optimus L7 II, Let’s check out whether the Xperia L sibling has packs in the punch to go through or not!


Carrying a lot of the Xperia L blood from the exterior to the interior, the Xperia M differs only in terms of the display size(From a 4.3 inches unit to a 4 inch one on the Xperia M, though gets profited in terms of the ppi count) and a few Megapixels(5 Mp against an 8 Mp unit on the Xperia L)  in the imaging department. The Sony Xperia M follows up to the same Xperia Arc inspired design instincts from the Xperia L and the signature power button of the new generation Sony handsets while it enjoys the same Dual core Krait plus Adrno 305 combo on the Snapdragon S4 Plus chipset from the Xperia L. To sum it up, the Sony Xperia M packs two Krait cores ticking along side the Adreno 305 GPU at a generous 1 GHz of clockspeed to lit up the 4 inches of FWVGA display estate. On the back is a 5 Megapixel shooter with an Exmor RS sensor which can do 720p video while a VGA unit sits upfront over the display to get you through your video conferencing needs. You can undoubtedly expect a full fledged connectivity for a mid range device while NFC comes in as a pretty handy surprise and with a 1750 mAh battery to back it up, the Sony Xperia M does turns out to be an all around performer as far as the paper work is concerned but it’ll be rather interesting to see how the manufacturer takes on the marketing of the device since it already has quite a few successful drivers amongst the different price tags.

Further, the Sony Xperia M will be available in both single and dual SIM variants while the availability has been dated somewhere near the third quarter of 2013. The thing to be noticed is that since the Xperia L has been quoted to be the successor to the Xperia U, some sacrifices may take place to make some room for the new comer. In my opinion, the NovaThor running Xperia U has finally reached it’s time of departure considering the way the manufacturer ditched it out of the list of phones that will be getting the Jelly Bean treat!

Source: Sony Mobile Blog