Sony Xperia P Jelly Bean Screenshots Leak, Expect an Update Soon

Sony had just pushed Jelly Bean update to the Xperia TX and the company also tweeted that the remaining Xperia devices will receive the Jelly Bean update pretty soon as promised.

While we know that the Jelly Bean build is now in its final stages, DooMLord on XDA forums has leaked some screenshots of the Jelly Bean update for Xperia P. To view all of these screenshots, view the gallery below:

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No doubt the UI is pretty similar to what we have seen in Xperia Z (as expected). The updated firmware will be 6.2.x.x.x kernel is 3.0.8. The kernel remains the same which is an advantage of devices of same series like the Xperia U, Xperia Sola and Xperia Go.

The advantage of the kernel remaining the same is that it will be easy for developers to port this official update to other devices on locked bootloader. Since locked bootloader does not allow change of kernel, people who haven’t unlocked their bootloaders will be able to taste Jelly Bean too.

We will keep you updated with the Jelly Bean update as and when it is rolled out along with a tutorial to flash it manually on your device, just in case you do not receive it Over The Air.

via XDA-Developers