Sony Xperia Z May Get to Taste Android 4.2 Soon Enough

It has hardly been a month since the launch of Sony’s 2013 FullHD warhead but it seems like this time around, the Japanese might be in to put up  a fight good enough to take down the expected fleet of flagships to see the horizon at or around this year’s MWC. How? Well, while most of the Flagships are going to surface with Android 4.1.x on board, the idea seems to be wise enough, that is to throw the party, before the brawl begins!

Well! That may be just the better way to go with only a few days for the MWC to follow, the day when all the big guns will hit the scene to deal shoulders along. While the update will surely bring some improvements in the stability and performance section, it’ll also feature an update 3.6 kernel in place of the 3.4 one that powered the 4.1.2 stock firmware.

As depicted in the screenshot above hosted @Xperia Blog, the update will feature the build number as 11.1.a.1.450 but since this looks to be a beta version of the final firmware, the final version may come out with a similar set of digits in the build number. Further, you can expect the update to be seeding out to some parts of Europe by the end of march but we still can’t predict anything so early as the authenticity of the source hasn’t been approved yet.